Question of the week - weekend:

What are your HIGH HOPES?

What are your spouse's, children's, best friend's?

Do they align with what God has planned for you?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

High Hopes

  I LOVE SHOES - now, I know what you are thinking - there are some women that salivate at the thought of a new pair of desinger shoes, some they are comfy in running shoes or flip flops, and others that grab what is the closest pair to the door. I am really none of the above. I like to wear a sharp pair of shoes, but I choose wisely - stay within budget, and make purchases that will be applicable to almost everything I have in my closet. I love wearing HIGH heels, and it is inevitable that I am asked " How can you wear those?", or "When you get older you won't be able to wear shoes like "that", honey." This may be true - but for now, I enjoy them. However, this past week, I have been filled with many emotions of both external and internal appearance. I was raised to dress as if I was making a 1st impression and that I was representing my family and ultimately Christ. My grandmother and great aunt taught me that being over dressed is better than underdressed, and instilled in me the love for fashion and accessories (costume jewelry) - but in a way that
 "the back of the store has the best buys: "CLEARANCE". People have often commented to my husband that I never wear the same thing twice, this is absolutely false - he would have a fit if it were true, and I would not be a good steward to what God has provided. I just may not wear the same thing together - I make basic purchases with a few pops of color to ensure I can wear things MULTIPLE times....even in the same week (shhhh)
  As I stated, over the past week, I have been prompted by the Holy Spirit through God's Word to truly search my inner soul to see where I need to be molded, chisled, and reshaped into HIS image. My High Hopes have always been to please Him, but to be truthful my personal ambitions can easily overshadow what He has planned for me. Knowing that this keeps me from growing into the Godly woman, wife, mother, daughter, and friend He ultimately wants me to be, I have to examine myself and make sure I am placing just as much importance on the growth of my spiritual "dress" as I do my physical attire. I have always had an ambitious drive, something I know is God through my spiritual gifts of administration, teaching, and encouragement. Yet, I have to be careful to not allow "ambition" to come across as "un-approachable".  My heart is to share my many hurts, not for sympathy or even empathy, but to share with other women that through the Almighty Grace of God through each storm of life (1 Cor.12:9-10) that I have been able to claim victory and that same Grace, Mercy, Peace, and Unconditional Love is awaiting them - allowing each "Hurting Heart to once again have HIGH HOPES" 
Jeremiah 29:11 / Proverbs 3

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  1. I am so glad we are friends! You are an amazing woman of God, Pam. Love you sista!