Question of the week - weekend:

What are your HIGH HOPES?

What are your spouse's, children's, best friend's?

Do they align with what God has planned for you?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

High Hopes

  I LOVE SHOES - now, I know what you are thinking - there are some women that salivate at the thought of a new pair of desinger shoes, some they are comfy in running shoes or flip flops, and others that grab what is the closest pair to the door. I am really none of the above. I like to wear a sharp pair of shoes, but I choose wisely - stay within budget, and make purchases that will be applicable to almost everything I have in my closet. I love wearing HIGH heels, and it is inevitable that I am asked " How can you wear those?", or "When you get older you won't be able to wear shoes like "that", honey." This may be true - but for now, I enjoy them. However, this past week, I have been filled with many emotions of both external and internal appearance. I was raised to dress as if I was making a 1st impression and that I was representing my family and ultimately Christ. My grandmother and great aunt taught me that being over dressed is better than underdressed, and instilled in me the love for fashion and accessories (costume jewelry) - but in a way that
 "the back of the store has the best buys: "CLEARANCE". People have often commented to my husband that I never wear the same thing twice, this is absolutely false - he would have a fit if it were true, and I would not be a good steward to what God has provided. I just may not wear the same thing together - I make basic purchases with a few pops of color to ensure I can wear things MULTIPLE times....even in the same week (shhhh)
  As I stated, over the past week, I have been prompted by the Holy Spirit through God's Word to truly search my inner soul to see where I need to be molded, chisled, and reshaped into HIS image. My High Hopes have always been to please Him, but to be truthful my personal ambitions can easily overshadow what He has planned for me. Knowing that this keeps me from growing into the Godly woman, wife, mother, daughter, and friend He ultimately wants me to be, I have to examine myself and make sure I am placing just as much importance on the growth of my spiritual "dress" as I do my physical attire. I have always had an ambitious drive, something I know is God through my spiritual gifts of administration, teaching, and encouragement. Yet, I have to be careful to not allow "ambition" to come across as "un-approachable".  My heart is to share my many hurts, not for sympathy or even empathy, but to share with other women that through the Almighty Grace of God through each storm of life (1 Cor.12:9-10) that I have been able to claim victory and that same Grace, Mercy, Peace, and Unconditional Love is awaiting them - allowing each "Hurting Heart to once again have HIGH HOPES" 
Jeremiah 29:11 / Proverbs 3

Monday, April 11, 2011

Almost a Freshman....

    I have always been told to "cherish the time you have" with your children because they grow     up too fast...I agree we all need to cherish our loved ones daily, but we also need to be willingly to allow God to produce His plan through them, without our limitations.
    Tyler brought home his Freshman orientation packet this weekend and said, "Mom, we need to create my schedule." I looked at the packet and submissively glanced over it, then as he continued to ask about the number of credits he would need, and if he could double up to take honors courses, it dawned on me...we are looking at his High School registration! Now, I know many of you have little ones, or you may have just enrolled your child into college, or are now what is phrased as an "empty nester", and all bring a flurry of emotions. I told him I would look over it and we would create several versions of what his schedule may look like - that was the teacher talking, then the mom in me wondered, what WILL the next 4 years look like? Not only on a paper schedule, but in his life, and our family.
    There are so many things we want to do, so many things we want to teach one another, so many things we want to stay the same. Then, through a sermon this past weekend, God nudged me and said, "there are alot of "I's and We's" in your sentences, what about "ME?" He reminded me that HE has a plan for our family, and specificially for Tyler. I do not want to hold on to tight, I want him to soar and succeed, and I know that only through the Lordship of Christ can that be fulfilled. The verse of course came to mind; "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is older he will not depart"  Proverbs 22:6.     Now, I was gently reminded that this verse does not mean our children will stay "next door" to us for the rest of their lives, but ultimately if we place them in God's care, as we are commanded, He will ensure their future - one to prosper and to grow (Jeremiah 29:11). Tyler is firmly grounded in God's word, I know that for sure, therefore these next 4 years are not to be dreaded or pondered, but to be celebrated and embraced. Excitement will flow through the tears as we see what path the Lord will plant our only child's feet on, just as He planted Jesus' feet on a path to save us.
    So, take a few moments and look around your home. Are you hanging the "just home from the hospital picture, the graduation photo in the coveted cap and gown, or have you been staring at the wedding portrait way too long, wishing that your child was back in "your" home?" Whichever the step in life, know that God has a plan for your child and for you, seek His will and be an example to your child of continual Growth, Godliness, and Grace.  
    For we all are "Almost Freshman" as we encounter a new chapter in our lives daily- allow God to be the author of not only your "next 4 years", but of your eternity. 
                       I promise, it will be EXTRAORDINARY!

Orchestra Concert 2009-2010

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Families, Friends, and almost Fourteen....

We have only lived in Texas for a few months, moving here from Illinois. Since I am a native Florida girl, I was estatic to know God was calling us closer to warmer weather. Growing up in a small town, and very close to our families, my husband and I knew that only through God's calling on our lives would we be able to encounter new people, new places, and hopefully new friends. When we first moved from Florida, our son was finishing the 4th grade, now he is in the downhill year of 8th grade. He will be 14 in July, he is so excited, you would think because he was a year away from driving, but he wants to become a Commerical Airline Pilot- he can begin flying lessons at 14!
 As a mom, I am both excited for his dreams to be coming true and nervous, as I worry daily while he walks home from school, much less FLY A PLANE!
He wants to fly for Southwest or FedEx
He is, through much prayer becoming a strong Christian young man, sharing with others how God is moving in his life, taking a STAND in a public school where it is unpopular to "not follow the crowd". His dad and I are truly blessed to see his maturity, leadership, and sensitivity toward those hurting grow daily.
 As it has been difficult to adjust to life away from our close friends and immediate family members, God has amazingly placed people in our paths that share in our joys, heartaches, prayers, help us laugh through the tears, and laugh until we cry! Through our obeidience to God's call, we have grown as a family - depending on one another, sharing in our days events, and supporting each other in plans, goals, and most importantly  WE DREAM TOGETHER!

Of course, there is no perfect family, and we do miss "our Florida family and friends". We don't see each other as often, or talk as much as we should, but I know they are always there and they are praying for us as we follow God's call on our lives, just as we pray for them.
Tyler and Sissy
My Mom and Dad

Let me ask you this
Do you know what your kids, no matter their age, dream about? What are your spouses' goals? If you are single, what are those hidden dreams that you may have placed on the back burner until....
If you don't set goals and DREAM for yourself, how can you help your children reach theirs?
Have an EXTRAORDINARY weekend, and take some time to "revisit your DREAMS"

Friday, March 25, 2011

Extraordinary Teaching: Spring Break Comes to an End...

Extraordinary Teaching: Spring Break Comes to an End...: "As the week comes to a close, I reflect on the importance of taking a 'break'. Not only for those of us who spend each day in the classroom,..."

Spring Break Comes to an End...

As the week comes to a close, I reflect on the importance of taking a "break". Not only for those of us who spend each day in the classroom, but for each student, homeschooler, and parent. Many times the reference to the unrest of students is due to having "spring fever", yet many educators have the same unrest. We are becoming bombarded with upcoming test schedules, fear of whether we will receive a new contract, and being overwhelmed with the constant discussion of budget cuts. 
 Now, as a parent, I know we are often torn. Many parents cant wait until Spring Break is over and schedules resume to normal, while others cherish each minute of outdoor sunshine or vacation spots, or simply just relaxing without the usual 8 a.m. to 8 p.m hurry up and get there day!
Our future is in each classroom setting, rather in a desk within a public or private school or within the realms of a home. Our children DESERVE the utmost EXTRAordinary teaching available to them. In order to have this, breaks are not only needed, but required. Now, I know Spring Break only comes once a year, but I challenge you to try and take a "break" when you see fit...maybe its a sign of unrest in your student, or a snap of your attitude, or maybe your calendar is so color coded it looks like the rainbow... you know your family..take a break, relax, sit in the sunshine..and remember, rather degreed or not, we are all educators in our children's lives...make each day EXTRAORDINARY!